Day 1 @ recovery_channel

Good Morning readers. Wednesday morning and I am awake, if your reading this you are probably awake too 🙂 I’ve made it another day. Please see the “recovery_channel tracker” for my daily stats.

Today is not a super hardcore day, more of a day in and a day of rest for me. I’ve got a few goals I’ve set and I’d like to meet. Reading two books, on a bit of a deadline: 30 Days. 1st book; “The Magnesium Miracle” by Carolyn Dean & 2nd book; “Eat Well Age Better” by Aileen Burford. I’m really enjoying both books, my fav at the moment is The Magnesium Miracle.

Also, on a bit of a mission to sell a few things. I will post links this evening for the items that will be selling. Have a look, if you know anyone interested Please start the buzz!

I will be moving back to Nova Scotia at the end of March, if I can hold out that long. Really not digging spending a lot of time alone here in this little apartment. Aside from not feeling well it really plays on my mind. Been able to kinda curb the sensations by staying in touch with my Sister via web cam and blogging/staying busy in general seems to help.

Now that I’ve got the morning generalities outta the way. Lets talk about my “morning stats” ; This morning was a little rough. On a positive note I did sleep a pretty solid night. Roughly 8-9 Hrs w/minimal interruptions. I just couldn’t sleep anymore through the nausea so I decided to get up and start prepping breakfast. Decided to roll some Quinoa based on my doctors recommendation. Says its high in protein and easy digest. (Based on how I feel in this moment, not having eaten it all. It may be too easy to digest.) I was gonna try to put a bagel in with it also. Not sure if that will happen right in this moment. Its upsetting my stomach pretty good. Everything upsets my stomach pretty good. Its a horrible feeling.

My temp this morning is good. 36.3C

My weight this morning is not good. 129.4 I’ve lost another lbs overnight.

My normal weight is about 150-155 lbs. This loss is really starting to scare me.

My bowel activity is the culprit I think. Something has happened to speed it up since my original infection. I had a lot of problems with diarrhea in the 1st 10 Days of the infection. It then slowed to pretty much constipation which I was ok with. @ least it was staying in my system long enough to absorb some nutrients. For the last 4 Days I’ve been @ once a day with the continuous feeling that its going to be more. I’m struggling to get out of the house and get things done.

I am not sure sure what prompted this acceleration. I have several ideas but not anything concrete. Or anything that a Doctor feels is concrete either. The most probable culprit, some smooth fiber laxative I started upon the recommendation of my GI Specialist. It really seems to have excited things and I’m @ the 4th Day since ingestion. Things are not slowing down. (I have since discontinued the use of this product.)

I’m gonna wrap up this morning post, Thanks for reading & I’ll post again this evening with my “evening stats”. I’ll include links to my for sale items and discussion of anything new/interesting I gained from today’s activities.

Have a Good Day everyone!


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