Day 5 @ recovery_channel


So, I’m not sure Day 1 @ recovery_channel was actually published on Day 1 😛 According to the calender it was actually more like Day 2 maybe lol. Anyways, I posted a picture. This is one of my favorite places to walk, close to West Park. Something about this place I find very peaceful. There are a few hidden gems in Toronto. I typically find them on my way home from the Hospital or the Doctors Office. Maybe if any of my readers have pictures of that hidden gem location you could submit them for posting. I’ve got a couple more I may post.

This morning @ recovery_channel has been “Ok” I guess is the word. Last night I broke down and took a natural remedy for nausea. I wanted to share the name here but I’ve since discarded the original container. I don’t know if it really helped or if its a placebo effect but I managed to get about 6 Hrs of sleep along with 2 more hrs of broken sleep. Hit breakfast this morning and had a gluten free bagel w/all natural peanut butter, half an brown Asian pear (I’m still snacking on that). Things went in reasonably well I think. I mean there is still cramping in the lower abdomen, bit of gas and that sensation I’m gonna have to peel for the can @ any moment.

More notably I am getting these full body sensations. Chills in my skull, down my spine and though my arms. The chills come in waves. It makes me panic, and that propagates even more strange feelings. I’m doing what I can to ignore it and its soo scarey cause no one can really tell me Why it is happening. I personally feel its cause I’ve got my system soo fucked up. I am under 130 lbs and my digestive system has been slowly adapted to eating less and less over the past 3 Months. I probably can’t expect to just put whatever in @ whatever quantity. So Maybe I need to ramp up, like I ramp’d down? I don’t know but, I’m willing to try anything right now. I’m in that kinda situation. I just pray the digestion of what is going in doesn’t speed up again. If feels like my body is not take’n anything from whats going in 😦

I think today I might try to take a tiny nap. Some of my friends wanted to hang out with me tonight, I don’t know if I’ll feel totally up to it but I’d like to give it a try. If I’m going to leave next week I should make the effort. I’ve got another gathering to attend tomorrow night w/my workmates. I really hope that I am able to attend that also. I’ve got a friend come’n to look @ one of my bikes, possibly purchase, then were gonna head over to the party. All I can do is rock out and roll the dice. Pray that it goes well. Wish me luck everyone.

I’m gonna hit this shower and then grab a box and start packing up some more things. Oh and maybe try to read my quota. I should do that right now before the shower. I’m out>


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