morning stats

morning temp; 36.8C

morning weight: 127.4 (loss of 1 lbs)

skipping intake for now, gonna start recording that @ the end of the day.

skipping supplements also, will record @ the end of the day

medication; debating whether or not to take an acid management drug. Was prescribed by my doctor yesterday. Common side effect is diarrhea and it kinda seems like my movements have slowed down to almost what I consider normal. I might skip it for now, eat normally and see what happens. If there is not improvement w/in 3-5 Days, I’ll give this stuff a shot.

symptoms; took a natural nausea remedy last night. managed to get in about 6 hrs of sleep with another 2 of broken sleep. have minor to moderate cramping, and woke up this morning with discomfort in my left ear and my throat when I swallow. I really hope I’m not getting an ear infection or a cold. It seems to have passed after being up for a little bit.


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