Monday, Bloody Monday

Spoke w/Deacon this morning (Life long Hali hook-up) and looks like I am going home. Hopefully sometime this week, probably by Wednesday. I can’t wait to get outta here, really and see my Mom and my Dad again.

Contacted the GI office this morning, got my biopsy results. “Pathology Normal” and they want to follow up in June. Fuck that. I asked the doctor to call me about it or fax the specifics to my new GP in Hali. I guess the pathology normal is a good indication but the fucked up feeling I still have and chronic nausea/weight loss is not a good indication. Speaking of which…

I don’t think the daily stats is a positive thing for my mind. Soo here is how I am now gonna roll. I’ll take stats when there is a significant change to note. Otherwise I am gonna try to focus more on things being ok. Focusing on the negative of the situation is not helping my mental or physical health. If I wake up and I can function, I’m not vomiting or shitting my brains out and/or I’ve not wasted away to nothingness we are just gonna focus on the positive.

Called one of my two GP’s. The only one I’ve had difficulty getting my file from (My other GP has been great, copied my file on the spot w/o any fee) and they wanted 25$ to copy. Like WTF, I have just explained that I am leaving here cause the financial demands are to great. Physical demands are too great. And her solution is we’ll copy and you come to pick em up. Seriously, I wish people would think a little more compassionately before saying things. I finished the call and called back about 5 Min later and explained the situation again, she gave in and said ok we’ll fax them @ no charge. Have the new GP contact us. I gotta go to my new GP and sign some papers and what not but meh.

The remainder of my day will now be, packing. Some talk with my sister and friends. Maybe an evening with Terry (co-worker take’n over my job) and he’ll help me pack some things and arrange to get mobile. Len (co-worker and great friend) will pick up my second bike. Then its just a sticky note bonanza so my Dad knows what to take and a waiting game for Deacon to come and hook me up with going home.

I’m gonna miss Toronto. I’m gonna miss possibly daily chats with my sister via webcam (will only have laptop in Hali/considering a tablet) But I’m gonna gain some great company. A great second medical opinion. And a change of pace.


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