lets talk paranoid meltdown

Ok, soo. @ around 7 Pm this evening I was feeling a bit hungry. Not normal for me these days, so I try to take advantage of it. Rooting thru the cupboards I stumble upon these cookies that I bought while my Dad was here. I grab one, treat myself and pop it in my mouth. While I’m chewing it up and simultaneously as I swallow the cookie I’m reading the package… Expiration: 2013 JA 01. The thing is two months expired. Immediately I start to panic! I panic sooooo hard I am considering vomiting up my entire stomach contents. I legit started to freak, tearing @ my stomach. I’m online talking with my sister, my Dad, my best friends and roll’n the hypochondria. I’m legit thinking the worse, I’m call’n telehealth and trying to reason it out that my fear is irrational. I’m calculating the days, about a week ago I ate like 3 of these and @ the same time drank from a container I perceived to be contaminated while also take’n fiber supplements. Which led to 4 Days of hell for my bowel. I don’t know if it was the fiber, the container or the cookie. Now that I reflect back on it, I can’t help but think it was the cookies and I start to prepare for the worst.

My Dad, my Sister and all of my friends are telling me not to sweat it. The expiration date is not concrete. And ya know, under normal circumstances I likely never would have looked @ the label and I am honestly amazed @ myself for not checking the label before I put it in my mouth. Now I’ve learned my lesson and I am praying every thirty seconds that this cookie doesn’t take me out. It has an imitation custard filling, made from milk powder which I freak out about “omg the milk products are bad” I’ve not tripped soo hard in a long time. Probably one of my most serious panic attacks, and all over a cookie. When I think about it, there is nothing I can do. Its in there now and I swallowed it. If its gonna make me sick I can’t take it back. And the first three didn’t kill me, or Dad (he ate one too last week) … Dad didn’t feel well tho around the same time as me and had a headache/soft movement @ home in Nova Scotia, but we both ate all kindsa things together. I’m still tripping but I am trying hard to hold it together cause this strikes everyone including me as an irrational fear. I’ve probably eaten soo many expired products over my lifetime and never thought about it. But now cause I’m hypersensitive to the issue, everything pushes me over the deep end.

Its a cookie, it sits on the shelf for months and months, in a warehouse ect. I’m even trip’n a little that I didn’t wash the package b4 I opened it. I’m trip’n that rodents and bugs crawled on it maybe while it was in the closet. I tore the closet apart, no evidence anything was in there eating anything. But seriously, this is where my mind takes me. Now my guts are turning and cranking, I don’t know if I’m getting sick or if I’m just in panic mode. All I can do is chill till some’n either does or doesn’t happen. I am trying to stay positive that this is gonna be fine, don’t over react. I am gonna get thru this.


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