Day 13 @ recovery_channel

Well, touchdown in Hali! Ya know, I wish I felt better and that I was more excited to be here. But it just kinda seems like no matter where I go when I’m sick, I’m not really there. I should be balls out excited to be back home, I should be happy and tard powering out to be here and experiencing life with my best friends ect. But honestly, I am a pretty depressed POS @ the moment… I’m working on it tho. 

Need to get my head outta the gutter and into the present. I’m spending way too much time milling over things that I have no control over. I need to learn how to just say “fuck it” and get on with my business. I’ve been trying. My friends have been great about listening to my paro ranting  and very supportive about ranting back. Were all in this together is the feeling I get. I’m not alone here in what I’m experiencing and feeling. For that I am grateful. 

Med Update; Went to see my new Doctor on Friday morning. I found out that for the condition I had/have, I was under treated. Yay! I get really upset about this kinda crap. I just want my life to be normal’ish again lol. I’m in for more of a hardcore ride tho I think. Lots more testing. More drugs. More of life, one day @ a time. 


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