falling behind / wooden mech horses_031813

Well. Seems as tho I am not keeping up to speed on my blog 😛 It is sooooo nice to be back home and with friends. I’ve finally been able to relax a little. I’m still not 100% relaxed but I am getting there. I’d say about 30% more relaxed than I was in Toronto. And as each day passes that some’n doesn’t go hardcore wrong I get a little more relaxed…

Just popping in this evening to provide an update; Doctors appointments seem to be going well here. They are sending me for a much wider variety of tests. I’ve got the ball rolling on my health card. Need to look into my drivers license tomorrow. I might luck out and not have to take everything over, like the written/road test ect. AND I have been staying on top of my reading even tho the event calender does not reflect it @ this moment. I am loving “The Magnesium Miracle” mos def a great read. Overall I’d say in this moment my spirits are good, my physical health still has a little some’n some’n goin down but were working on it.

I have managed to produce another piece of art. I really like how this one turned out, with the exception of the sky. And wouldn’t u know it… The 1st person to see it says “I love the sky” lol. Always the way it goes it seems. The part I dislike the most… Gets the most “likes”. Please see the images attached to this post. Feel free to comment. All my art posted here is available for adoption. Please send me an email if your interested: recovery_channel@live.caVLUU L210  / Samsung L210 grazing project_031813

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