day off @ recovery_channel

It is Saturday and I am feeling pretty good about how my productivity rolled throughout the week. I got a few things off my plate, experienced some minor health improvements and hit 140 lbs on Friday. I was soo overwhelmed with happiness to see the scale roll over 139 lbs! It was only two or three weeks ago that I was roaming about w/near zero energy @ 124.8 lbs and legit scared it was just gonna keep going down, down, down till there was nothing left.

I am still in the force myself to eat mode. I mostly just impulsively eat, if it is food and it is in my path (and it meets my safe eating criteria) I eat it. If I stand around and think about it for too long it doesn’t go in. So I take a brief look, sometimes I ask the person next to me “would you eat this?” and if the response is yes. I put it in my mouth and go about my business. Occasionally I have a meltdown for a little bit over what most would consider minor things. But I’m trying really hard to get back to that place where a normal Ross eats everything. @ the moment I am favoring a vegetarian diet. I actually tend to feel a little better on the vegetarian end of the food spectrum.

On a few more positive notes; My license is renewable without have’n to retest (I may have already blogged that) and I went to NSCAD. For those of you not familiar with NSCAD it is the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. I have wanted to attend since graduating high school. Opted out for a “more employable” skill and took IT which by the way is a field I am NOT steadily employed in. I will admit to using many of the skills in the work environment but nothing I consider to be of genuine IT nature. Ya know like network design and administration, web design and admin ect. Long story short, I picked up some literature. Had a brief look over the entry requirements, the cost and application deadlines. It looks doable. I have to get the ball rolling on a few projects; contact EI about 2nd Career, approach SA about student loan forgiveness and find some affordable housing. I don’t wanna burn up my welcome here in Hali coach surfing.

Think I’m gonna try to go skating today. Last day for the local oval. I’m out… Starting a couple new art projects also, stay tuned. I’ve got a painting I’m starting of local architecture. I’m also revisiting the art of hand written letters.


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