room with a view

Smitty’s is giving me the royal treatment today… It is about 3 Pm and I just finished up a skate @ the oval. Today is the last day to get on the ice for this season. I was going to skip it and just say go next season but that’s a bad habit I’m trying to get out of.

Back to Smitty’s : ) The waitress hooked me up with a corner booth. Suitable for like five people or just one me lol. I love the hospitality of the East Coast. I forgot how good it feels to have a driver actually yield to you @ the crosswalk. How good it feels to have a waitress actually reply in a meaningful and attentive fashion when we play the casual ” how are you?” game.

I was soo satisfied with this waitress. I made sure to legit tip. Plus its good for my karma. And wow I ate quite a bit. Make’n a note here cause I didnt bring my food diary. Rolled eggs (wow no comma on my keyboard? Oh found it!) , home fries, toast and they were awesome enough to trade the sausage for pancakes. Also had a small pot of green tea. Note also I proudly made it in here, washed my hands once and commenced eating. No OCD sanitizing : ) I left the sanitizer @ home this time.

This marks my 1st full blog post 100% from my phone while on location. Hopefully it won’t be the last and maybe the future will bring more exciting content lol. I just really wanted to take this for a spin.

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