I speed paint: Part 2 – Watercolor

Just finished this painting last night. I am experimenting with speed painting; the locations are random. Often while wandering through the city something will catch my eye. I love the bright colors here in Halifax. Most of the properties downtown are brightly painted. My goal is to roll 10 of these in a relatively quick fashion.

RSP_032513 RSP1SBS_032513



5 thoughts on “I speed paint: Part 2 – Watercolor

  1. That’s awesome. As I am not a visual artist, “speed painting” seems like an amazing skill to me! As a musical artist, I did attempt to envision myself painting with watercolors though – I’d love it if you checked out my song “Watercolor.” If you find any use in it, it’s downloadable: http://wp.me/p3mOze-m. Thanks!


    • Thanks for reading my blog. I had a listen to your song “water color” . I think its awesome!

      My speed painting is not very speedy really lol. I basically challenge myself to sketch, ink & color as fast as I can. I got some new stuff I’ll be posting soon.


    • Sry I missed this comment. I really liked your song, 1st listen I couldn’t help but share it. If you haven’t tried watercolor; I recommend it. Very versatile, forgiving and can really be rewarding. I’m about to finish another cityscape today I think. You can paint fast or slow it usually looks good no matter how you splattered the paint lol. Plus its super cheap. No need to worry about wasting as much as you would with say acrylics.


      • Thanks for sharing my song! And I will have to give actually watercoloring a try, considering I wrote a song about it! 🙂 Thanks for the advice.


  2. no problem, Thanks for stopping by. Looks I replied to this twice lol. I’m still trying to get into the interface here. Take’n me about 25 posts and I’m struggling a little with some aspects; like posting new content to my gallery.


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