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rough morning here @ recovery_channel. I celebrated a little too hard yesterday I think. Ate too many sketchy things my system was not prepared for, drank too many things my system was not prepared for. Been a literal shit storm of a morning. The weather is beautiful and I’m feeling not soo beautiful. BUT. I am still going to make an effort to get out and take some pictures. A friend of mine would like to get together, explore the city a little before work. I really want to feel good enough for it. But this unpredictable bowel is a real motivation crusher.

On a positive note; I managed to score a great deal on a new tripod. It’s not anything super hardcore by any means but it will do the trick. I really needed something to help with shooting my artwork. I found myself spending a lot of time taking several photos just to scrub out shake, glare, perspective ect. I am not a steady hand these days. The pod is small and flexible. I’ve not had a chance to use it in the real world yet but the product looks simple and durable. For $7.00 what more could ya ask for (ignore the $29.95 sticker, was on sale. Clear out item Yay!). I’ve included a few pics & mounted my camera. That little Samsung is my battleaxe. I like the picture it takes, it’s tough as nails and the battery life is incredible. May soon consider something a bit more pro but for now this is serving me. I like to use things to the point of complete failure, then cobble it back into working order. It makes me feel like the device has true character lol. (there is a third photo but the upload is taking its time. I’ll come back and edit it in later if the post fails. Thanks for reading!)

Picture 011 Picture 009

Picture 010


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