long weekend

Well, the long weekend has passed us by. I had a great long weekend, productive and meaningful. I spent this long weekend with my Dad. We cleared some brush from the yard; piled it all in the back of an old farm truck. Took a drive up into one of the old fields. Drove by a few places I used to play when I was a kid.

The old farm is run down now. Mother nature has taken over. Would make for some great painting. I should have taken some pictures. And speaking of painting I’ve still not finished this one on my desk. I feel soo transient right now, not establish or prepared to empty my mind and really focus on production.

Dad and I fixed the front deck also. Tore off all the rotten wood and replaced it. Bought some new solar powered caps for the tops of the deck posts. I was sore and tired, slept well that night. Its the hard work, when I sit here in the city and do nothing but worry about who did or didn’t spike my water or if the seals on my containers are broken… I get nothing but a restless night.

Today the question is; go to writing group or not. I have a doctors appointment @ 4 Pm, Art @ 6 Pm and writers group @ 2:30 Pm. It will get me out the door earlier that’s for sure. And maybe I should walk. Its a bit of a walk; but I’m finding I have a bit of weight to loose. Maybe I’ll see if I can fire up the Garmin today, get it to sync.

I’m out for now and who knows, maybe I’ll find it in me to finish this painting today. Ugh keep forgetting also ta look into getting prints made. I’ll have a look locally and see whats available.


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