rainy daze

not sure where the morning and most of the afternoon has gone. I finished one painting this morning, I forced myself to finish it. Then I went to the grocery store (after a quick shower) and got nothing but junk. I’ve been cramming my face full of cookies, chips, berry flavored water and loads of frozen mangoes. I eat frozen mangoes by the bag full.

Sitting here blogging, just past the screen on my computer I can glance the schedule for Connections (my aftercare hangout) … I really could have benefited by going today I think. I didn’t go for one reason and its a lame reason but its shitty outside. Its raining and its cold. I got mounds of things I should be doing but its just plain shit outside. It sucked up every bit of motivation I had to go out and get anything done. So here I sit, passing the time. Blah.



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