days go by

I’ve been neglectful 😦 But! I’ve also been busy. I have a new piece of art on the go, final touches on ink and I’ll post soon. Got some random posts in the back of my mind I wanna get out.

My activity in the community has been super active over the past couple weeks. Pretty much every day outta the house 🙂 The weather is helping a lot, just been sun and warm.

Got an art show come’n up too @ the Pavilion for those of you who know what and where that is. Shout out to any Hali artist reading this blog. I wonder often if anyone from Halifax stumbles upon my space? If you do, leave a comment 🙂

@ The Spot this evening we basically had a jam session and framed up some art work. The art is created by program participants and then sold/auctioned to help raise funds so the art programs can continue running. I would like to feature some art in this show but its kinda short notice for me and funds are low. I have no frames suitable for show and I could make up a million excuses… I did however; stop by Kinko’s and got the run down on making prints of my work. I hate the idea of parting with my babies.

I think its goodnight for me. Goodnight WordPress world.


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