get commisioned & puncture proof

Part 1; get commisioned

Small but a mighty opportunity. The resource center I’ve been attending (Connections) has asked me to design a DVD cover. They have filmed a documentary, I had the pleasure of watching it this afternoon. The documentary was excellent, easy to watch and informative without feeling too clinical. This would be the 1st “commissioned” work me. I immediately began to brain storm about how this DVD cover is gonna turn out. Soo I took ten or fifteen photos of the building which is really a very boring building. I suggested maybe we could use the back entrance of the building, it has a deck and some foliage. The idea seems to have been well received. Then… Off to Acupuncture I go.

Part 2; puncture proof

I am starting to really like getting poked. Then little pin prick itself feels good, and it feels even better when they pull the pins out. I always feel this faint little popping sensation and a release of pressure. But what I like the most is the down time to think. There is always some white noise in the background and the lights are low. I then sit and think, brainstorm up my next piece. One might think this is a time to relax but for me I find my mind to be the most active. We’ll see, hopefully some cool art will come from that electrical storm in my head.


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