more rainy daze

Well, here we at the end of the week again and I am pretty sure it rained every day this week. I find it really hard to follow my welness plan when the weather is poor. Who knows what this weekend holds. I think some painting is in order, and if not painting; some rough sketches for the DVD cover I’ve been asked to collaborate on.

I feel like I should treat myself tonight. Its been a rough day of running about get’n perscriptions filled, doctors appointment, connections and walking it all in the rain. I am feeling like maybe I’ll go and see Superman tonight. I rarely go and see movies on opening night and I’m hope’n if I catch the 6:30 show I’ll miss the hardcore friday night rush. I’m out, lets do it. Stage 1: Operation let’s go see a movie on opening night and not have a freakout: IN PROGRESS…


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