I sketch the backyard of Connections, Halifax

SAMPLES_061613 002 SAMPLES_061513 011

This is a rough sketch I’ve completed. Its waiting for ink and color. The scribbles you see in the top and lower right are where trees and foliage will be once I add ink and color. This sketch is intended for a DVD cover, Connections has produced a documentary and they are looking for participants to submit artwork to be featured on the cover. I hope they like this. I can always keep sketching till they like it 🙂 I think this is gonna look much nicer once I add some color. Its a very simple building. The back is much more exciting than the front and even the back is not really that exciting lol. I found perspective on this a little challenging. I usually mess around with perspective a little and change things here and there. But this time I just found it difficult to fit everything I wanted on the page. I felt like it would need to be scaled down and when I tried to scale down a little it just didn’t feel right for the space so I went with the flow. I think it works.

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