Image: I go 3D… Again


Lately I have been exploring all art forms. I figure, who knows maybe I’ll stumble upon something I like. And stumble I have. It is not however this 3D house. This was just passing the time with some card stock. I tried guitar last night and it was pretty cool. I don’t think I’ve ever gonna be a pro or anything but I think its something that could be a hobby. I feel like being an Artist just kinda goes with guitar. Oh and see that pen thing in the mid right hand side of the above picture? I love that pen marker thing. I think it’s for calligraphy but it has two ends, one is 3.5mm and the other I think was 1.5mm maybe and the end is chiseled. It’s a great sketching marker. I prefer to sketch in marker or pen, I tend to put more effort into it cause once the line is down I can’t take it back. The End.


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