looking for work

Took some time today to look @ some local work options:

Bike Shop – obvious choice, got 3 ta 4 Yrs experience. I’d give preference to “The Cycle Smith”

Outdoors Shop – MEC, Patagonia, The Outdoor Shop

Powertrend Sports, Harley Davidson

Art Shop – Framing could be cool, no specific shop.

Art Shop – Gallery CO-OP 1274, Studio 21, De Serres, Art Gallery of NS

Tattoo Shop – Daggers Cove

Hostel – Hostelling International

Museum, Library, Book Shop – Fine Used Books (coffee shop/used books)

Comic Shop, The Games We Play

FedEx Office

Just a few ideas to get me started. I really need to get on my social scene as suggested by my worker here @ Connections. Jobs are 90% networking and I am a bit of a loner. I’m working on it tho, been doing lots of stuff outside my element. And here on my blog, I share my life story and struggles with the world. Doesn’t get much more open than that.



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