live long; and Poster

Today I finished the final district for my posters. The cause is for noon time performances @ the St. Matthew’s United Church. Local bands will be featured over the next few days. Wish I had of taken a picture of the flyer. I think there is one up in the building here. I’ll snap a pic and post after.

I went all over this town and distributed about 100 posters. The receptiveness on behalf of the community was awesome. I was met with that NS charm. Warm and inviting people willing to post in their shops.

And this puts one step closer to one of my long-term goals. I really want to get a motorcycle! I am saving every nickel and dime and really going outside my comfort zone to pick up odd jobs. I need to make about 5k I think. That should put me in the market range for the kinda ride I’m looking for. I’ll keep ya posted on my progress. I’m @ about $1100 right now. I find myself have’n to cut in on my savings often cause of being on this darn social assistance.

I’m out for now.


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