looking for work; Part 5

Friday morning and I have a little bit of a hop in my step this morning. One of the three medications I take has been reduced to it’s last increment before I am off it completely and the happiness factor on get’n rid of it is off the charts. It is one of the most sedating medications I have ever been on.

The extra hop in my step contributed to take’n care of some unfinished business this morning. Made a collections call for a piece of art that’s been looming about for a bit too long. And the phone call turned into a very positive experience. I have an email I need to review that has to do with some sorta art project. $500 pay out if your art is chosen soo definitely something to check out for a guy saving his dime.

Managed to nail down heather this morning and we finished my second version of my resume. OUTDOOR RETAIL SPEC_070513 I’m gonna use this in my mission to try and find some part time work in the outdoor adventure fields. I hear tho that another one of the employment workers here has big plans for me lol. Soo I’m gonna wait to speak with her before I go nuts and apply everywhere.


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