Image: The tree. It strikes again.



This tree I have been seeing in my subconscious mind. It comes out onto the paper like a bad dream lol. The number of branches determined on the spot, no rhyme or reason, and the last few times its come out in marker. I have a feeling like I’ve seen it somewhere b4. I mean obviously I’ve seen tree’s and sunsets ect. but I wonder what the significant’s of it is or if there is any significant’s. Hrm the spell check says that significants is not a word. I gotta looks into that, it takes it with apostrophes. In this picture you can also see a few pieces of abstract art. The exercise was to cut a large piece of Bristol board into puzzle like pieces and then each artist fills the puzzle piece with their choice of medium and contents. Then the entire puzzle is reassembled. The Tree was my contribution 🙂


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