this is my life

Got my bike yesterday! Broke a spoke about five hours into taking possession of it lol. The word is good tho from the bike shop, its only gonna cost about $20 to fix it maybe a little more. I love have’n my bike, it makes life soo much more convenient. I took some pictures of my ride yesterday and of my ride, I’ll post em when I get home later this evening.

I have an apartment viewing this evening @ around 7:30 Pm and I’m not sure that I wanna go or not. It’s hard to work it into my schedule soo late. I basically gotta go home and then come back out again, I kinda wanted to drop my bike off for repairs this evening. That means I gotta fill the gap between 4:45 and 7:30 Pm. I got nothing to do and really no money to go out and entertain myself. Most of Hali seems to shut down @ 6 Pm. No place to just sit and chill. I am tempted to go home and save dropping off my bike for tomorrow morning. That way I have it and I can avoid using a buncha bus tickets. Who knows what I’ll do, I’ll decide on the fly. That’s how I like to do it, by surprise. Wish me luck!


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