Times killing me.

Sitting at Superstore and I’ve got a two hour window of time that’s just gnawing at me. Dropped of my bike for repairs. And of course the estimate in shop is greater than over the phone. Had them check the chain and it’s due for a replacement. I hope the rest of my drive train is not pooped also. I’ll know by the end of the day tomorrow. I really need to get some more tools so I can do the work myself. I got the work stand already. I don’t wanna cut into my savings but it looks like I am gonna have to at least a little. Might have to really cut in to secure a place once I find one that will actually take me. It was nice to learn this morning that worse case scenario I won’t be homeless. Connections has some backup for this sorta thing. Thankfully. It takes a huge amount of stress of my shoulders. I love my blog. And I don’t know where I’d be today without it and Connections. There are soo many awesome people there! Time to do some walking. Maybe I’ll check out the waterfront. Or MEC I wanted to check their prices on cycling gloves. That will kill some mega time 🙂

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