in my own little world

I often here the expression “off in your own little world”… I get this look, a lost in space sorta look and it is often precluding an emo episode. I’m finding right now my emotions are spread thin. While standing in the washroom and ritualistically washing my hands as I do each morning I arrive @ Connections and I wanted to have a nervous breakdown. I had a fleeting moment of my world imploding on my head as I stood and stared @ myself in the mirror rubbing my hands together over and over and over.

Positive note. I should be getting my bike back today, I really hope the chain went on fine. I’m already cutting into my savings to pay for the repair.

Apartment hunting is going drab, I’ve looked @ three places and the last one was very promising. Looked like he was even gonna drop the rent. But then the super emailed me, they rented the place for the full amount. I’m trying to tell myself its not such a loss and something I love will come up. The location on that place kinda irked me a little. And it was awfully small, I have no idea what I would do with all my things. Ugh all my things.


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