in a knot

Pretty sure this morning I washed my hands about eight times. Rolled a bit of paranoia over whether or not I swallowed a piece of plastic wrap (again) … Had a reassuring conversation about my status with DCS. Not sure I mentioned anything here about that but I’m have’n trbl communicating with my worker. As in I communicate and she doesn’t, very well. I’ve been trying to settle up some limbo issues around my medical documentation. Did they receive it or not. I spoke with a supervisor yesterday (July 25/13) and was told my worker is out sick and expected to return today (July 26/13) Someone should get back to me today. Otherwise I’m just gonna hand the matter over to my contact person here @ Connections and let them chip away. It’s too bad they can’t just get back to ya in a timely manner. I’ve called three times now trying to get some info. All I wanna know is if they have received the documentation. Simple, not rocket science.

I tried calling the doctor also who was responsible for filling out my forms and faxing them. And of course she is on vacation. Everyone is on vacation or sick or just simply not returning calls. It’s like I am caught in a void. I should go find Shelly and see if she wants to work on the Multi Media Monday (Yahoo) group. I need to stay engaged at least until 3:30 Pm. The Wolverine is out today and that’s gonna be my treat. My R&R for the week. Then hunker down for a long weekend of gut wrenching nervousness over loose ends I couldn’t tie up by the end of the week.

Also there is now a huge hole in my mattress which puts me on the floor and I have no idea how it got there. It wasn’t there in the morning and then I get home and the mattress is completely flat. I’m gonna see if I can pick up a simple flat repair kit from a local bike shop. I’m also gonna give one of the places I seen for rent a call, see if I can view it this weekend.


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