Dear Diary, July 30

Just seen the doctor. Sent me for abdominal x-rays. I was in and out soo fast. Gotta love that. I’m not feeling 100% but I am feeling improvement towards the end of the day compared to the start of the day. Starts have been really brutal. Instant nausea again and again. Doesn’t peter off till mid to late day.

Right now I’m @ a little cafe waiting out an hour. Have an apartment viewing tonight. Competition here is fierce. The Realtor said on the phone she expects to rent it tonight. She wanted to push me back to 7:30 Pm and viewing starts @ 6:30 Pm. Last time they did that to me it was basically a waste of my time to apply cause they already rented it to someone who showed up an hour before me. Sometimes this seems soo hopeless.

Please let tomorrow be better!


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