come’n loose

This morning is the same as the last four mornings have been. I wake up in a sweat, got a headache and I’m super nauseated. I tried eating some crackers this morning before I hit the shower, it seems like maybe it helped a little? I made it through the shower. I am still tired, I just wanna go back to sleep but what good will that do me in the middle of the day. I got shit to get done. Kinda.

Mike has some flyers he is really encouraging me to help him with. I know he has my well being in his best interest. He’s been super supportive. This morning I can’t really tell which way is up inside my head. I am have’n an physical, spiritual and emotional battle all @ the same time. I feel like I’m right on the very edge of cracking again. Why can’t I be the psychological warrior necessary to overcome this bull shit. I’m tired of being weak. I’ve not even made it a full week since get’n fucked up and I am ready to crack. I need to talk to someone.


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