when a plan comes together.

Well, another shitty feeling morning but I decided to employ some tactics I’ve been learning @ Connections. Some Yoga type poses, my favorite is the rag doll. I also went for a brief run around the living room a few times. Just gotta get hyped for the day. I’ve decided to be a germ consuming machine today, I woke up and said fuck it there is no possible way I could avoid every germ between here and the house so I didn’t even bother trying. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen. Which has sorta released my mind a bit to concentrate on other things.

Now “the plan” … I seem to have found a place. The room I have to take is small but all I really gotta do is sleep there. The common space is nice, nice big table. Leather back chairs, leather sofa’s. And the super offered me a space downstairs to use as a studio. I am hope’n I can get some internet down there and set up and small paint studio and workshop where I can work on my computers. A place to veg out after a long day and doddle in my hobbies. Rent is fair, and it’s not far from where I live now. Not far to move. I was really hope’n to find something closer to downtown but this is gonna have to do for the year. Give me a chance to settle and focus on my health.

Just gotta make through today and tomorrow (got my guts all stressed out yesterday pushing too hard on the throne lol) Then I hit Moncton for a job with my roommate, should keep me outta trbl for Sunday & Monday. I’m out for now, gonna try to make the most of this day. Weather is not 100% but I’m in a positive mood this morning so I’m not gonna let that drag me down.

This is how I feel, life goes on.


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