mission acccomplished

This weekend I decided to go on an adventure. My roomy was doing some cleaning in Mocton. He has new contracts up there for Dollarama. This is one of the longest adventures I’ve been on since getting sick. Make that double sick. Cause I was fucking recovering and then I stupidly decided to do some drinking (brightest idea) … Anyways it went ok but I am really feeling it today 😦 Was up till 2 Am which is a far cry from my normal bedtime of 10 Pm these days. I ate near nothing 😦 I had like four granola bars and an order of onion rings, two bottles of orange juice and then sleep. I really didn’t feel too bad in the yesterday but today is a drag. I hope I can just go to be early tonight and get over it. I woke up this morning like clockwork. Soo my internal clock is still working right, seems like it’s the only thing working right now.

I’m off to take care of Multi Media Monday. Thanks for reading.


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