Monday, Monday

@ Connections, overslept a bit this morning. Woke up to a strange and unexpected phone call. It was a property manager looking for a reference. I’ve not heard from my friend for months, since I was released from the Mayflower. I rolled it golden for him but man way to give me a heads up lol. I understand that people go through their shit in life, trust me I understand. But let a guy know, good thing I am a quick thinker and articulate.

I overslept this morning cause the compy is back lol. I stay up and talk to my friends. I play SL and GW2, I love to socialize online, some of these people I have known for years now and in some ways they are like family. I talk to some of them way more frequently than I do my own family lol. Met a pretty cool chick and I was up a little late chit chatting with her. I like online relationships, you can be personal and anonymous all @ the same time. And there is very little risk associated with abandoning some of your inhibitions. If things don’t work out they don’t know where you live, have your number. The anonymity is mutual and ya just go about your business when your through. No need to try and scrounge around for your dignity, pick up what pieces are left and hobble off while the drama storm drums up in real life. No lawyers, no alimony, no division of property. Ya just say your two cents and get on with life. Mind you despite all the seemingly beneficial perks, it’s no replacement for the real deal. To really touch someone, to really be in person and share life experiences. But in my fragile state, I barely handle real life with just me to look out for. Let alone someone else.


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