crash, bang, boom… Ka-ching!

Friday night I dropped my phone. Face down on the pavement, I didn’t even wanna pick it up. I knew it was broken. But a part of me darted for the phone hoping there may be some small chance that it wasn’t completely fucked. But no. It’s completely fucked 😦 I went to Eastlink to get a quote on the repair, and of course the repair cost is almost equal to the value of the phone. Which is ridiculous, the phone is less than six months old. I can’t even really upgrade cause it’s still that new.

I got referred to a place on Spring Garden, Net Effect Repairs. He was of course closed all last week. In today and they have a shortage on this particular screen. Nine other people are waiting and the shop will email me when the parts arrive. I hope I gave them the proper email. Got this paranoia lately that everything I do is in some way fucked up. Cause my brain is fucked up and I’m in panic mode. I really can’t afford this dime. Even through Net Effect the repair is still close to $230.00 it’s not an expense I planned for. And I am lost without my phone. It’s my calender, my tie to family, friends, work, email, trip planner ect. It’s almost hard to account for all the things my phone does for me. It’s practically my best friend and confidant. I have never had a phone I liked soo much. Google and LG did a great job on the Nexus 4.


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