born supernatural

This writing circle was unique. Our writing was to include three words randomly drawn from three separate containers. I had about five minutes to compose this poem and my words were; CLOUD, AGGRESSIVE, ON A FARM. And I confirmed it was ok pluralize my words. So here is what I wrote;

Born a Supernatural being among the clouds.

I aggressively great each new day

full of new things to see and new feelings to bath in.

Games to play with the mortals below.

Tricks and Traps to lay, Mischief to be had by the droves.

I watch the people, like tiny ants on a farm.

They dip and dodge my playful winds

Scatter upon the falling of my fruitful waters

They hide their faces against my joyous sun.

They turn and toil oblivious of my nature.

They sow and harvest upon my boredom.

I rest among the clouds to taunt and toy another day.

As I rest, there is a grin. I had my fun and no harm has come.

Our lives are intertwined, theirs with mine and mine with theirs.

Need and Want

A perfect arrangement for supernatural me, and mortal them.



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