up to speed

My phone is still broken. I’m really feeling the withdraw, and the kicker is that it rings and blings, dings ect. and I can’t do shit about it. I can’t use the touchscreen. I feel helpless to answer the calls of those trying to reach me.

Positive note; I have been commissioned for reals this time to paint a piece for Walmart. They have won the employer of the year award via Connections. I got a pretty good idea of what I am gonna paint. Just gotta head out with the camera and snap a few shots. I wanna try and integrate three local Walmarts into one painting. All local.

A huge buff to my life @ the moment. I got my bikes back. I am chomping @ the bit to get out and ride. I wanna hit the trails on my mountain bike soo bad. And I wanna go distance on my road bike, my body is craving it. But they both need to hit the repair stand and make sure that everything is 100% b4 I hit the trail. I’m a bit anal about that sorta thing. Gotta be perfect b4 I ride. I will accept nothing less. Who knows maybe I’ll see some of you out on the trail 😉


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