Today has been busy. I slept about six hrs last night and was up early to attend an Accreditation meeting. This is kinda like a staff meeting where members are invited to participate. The purpose of the meeting is to prepare for evaluations conducted by a neutral party on behalf of Capital Health (or @ least this is my understanding) This morning we discussed intake, recovery/wellness plans, the process from a chain of command perspective. We talked also about discharge, and I did not get an opportunity to comment on this particular subject but I do have an opinion. I do not like the word Discharge, there is something soo clinical and finite about it. I would prefer something more like “Exit Strategy” @ least then it sounds like you are exiting with a plan. Not being abandoned to your own devices and left to fend for yourself when the time has come to expire you from your space on the mental health store shelf. To make room for another fresh headcase. The sound of the word is even vulgar to me, “discharge” makes me think of a festering wound or the excrement of waste fluids from the body. It’s a word I have heard often in my trials and tribulations as a mental health consumer.

In the afternoon my participation in an outing with our Spot supervisor Tyler proved to be much more enlightening. We went to the Via Rail station, where I did not know there is a youth help unit on the second floor. Open to youths between 13 and 18. Here we met three bright young youths, very conversational. We had a quick intro, Tyler did most of the talking @ first and then handed the show over to me. Tyler spoke of music and I spoke briefly about the art side of the program. I tried to relate my experiences as a youth with art and the mental health scene and explain how over the past ten years it has been remarkably helpful in my recovery. I was a little apprehensive to share that I am a mental health consumer but when I truly thought about it, I am not ashamed. I was invited along to “come as I am” so to speak and this is how art and The Spot impacts my life. I related my positive experience and the flexibility of the programs, I am an artist but I am also learning to play guitar and sing. There are no limits @ The Spot.

This afternoon I had some free time to catch up on my blog, I missed my acupuncture but ya know sometimes sacrifices must be made lol. I had to go and grab a new book and pick up some prescriptions. It put my whole afternoon off by 15 minutes. Just enough time to throw things outta whack and I figured of all the things I wanna miss, acupuncture is the one. I didn’t wanna miss dinner or art.

I think tonight I’ll take it easy, play a couple rounds of whatever and call it a night.


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