Recreation is…

Recreation is life, it is wellness. At peak health and fitness I’ve used my human power to propel man and machine over 10,000 Km in just one year. 180 Km in one day, a seemingly hero feat. Just my bike and I. I live to ride.

Recreation is recovery. When I lapsed into illness the Rec Therapist that touched my life pushed me back into human existence. Challenged me each day to strive for physical and mental excellence. They joined forces with my mind and body to set goals and challenge my limitations. They helped me grow back into the well oiled machine I used to be.

Recreation is for the mind. My recovery has been a process. In the later stages of recovery at Connections the Rec Therapist introduced me to my peers. Stretched my social wings. I became more active in my community. This helped to improve my sense of wellness. I had also been introduced to the joy of reading. Reading fiction, opening my mind to adventure, myth, fantasy expanding the boundries of the physical world around me.

Special Thanks to; Julia, Megs & Heather



2 thoughts on “Recreation is…

  1. Hello Ross, I’ve shared PUSH with the folks in India who are creating a recovery centre similar to Connections Halifax. It’s called Sambandh Community integration centre (CIC). They really enjoyed it! They have also created a magazine Pen & Me, I will bring a copy home.

    I also wanted to share your blog with my colleague here, Aakritee. She is a social worker who is the senior staff at CIC. She is super keen and committed to recovery. I think she will enjoy reading your blog! See you early November, Nancy


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