the hammer shall rest

Yesterday was a day of rage. I barely slept the night through and it took my complete will to hold my tongue. Thankfully I was able to hit Connections and find wisdom in a multitude of counselors. My pride was injured, I was insulted. All I wanted to do was bring the hammer of all justice down like lightning. Stand and marvel in the thunder of action. Prepared to fight the good fight in the face of poor odds. And I was asked “to what end” … Think of the present relationships it could effect, think of the future relationships it could effect. I felt strong in my resolve, right in my conviction, just in my reasoning. I began to take up arms, knowledge. Knowledge is power. And just as I had began to stack my weapons high, one of my counselors tried again to appeal to my softer side. He asked me to come from a place of greater good. Try to pour honey upon the matter before marching into the battle field. Pour honey upon it he did. And for now… The hammer shall rest.


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