a space odyssey

Forefront in my mind as of late is the status of my interpersonal relationships. Where I rent, things are unique and in this forum it is something I feel a bit of apprehension to discuss. I’ve done some thinking and all said and done, I have a voice. I have feelings and opinions. Rights.

I am Ok with where I live @ the moment. There are a few issues, such as; my landlord is take’n his time on a few house repairs. I have one hyper social roommate who does not take ques very well. I am an introverted person, I am gone from the house most of the day and when I get home I like to spend my time alone. I’ve given up on direct communication. I just do my own thing.

In an effort to follow up on the house repairs with my landlord he replied only to say… hmm, blogging in a public place. Need to share the compy. I’ll get back to this tonight.


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