a space odyssey continued

back to my ramble; My landlord emailed me back only to say something to the affect of… I’d be more than happy to let you outta your lease. And then went on to insult me by asking that I not have other people write my emails for me. As if to imply I am not capable of writing a formal email. I couldn’t possibly be that intelligent.

Long story short, I held my tongue on the matter. I was prepared to drop the hammer but I sought wisdom in a multitude of counselors. My worker here at Connections sat down and made a call with me and we managed to settle the matter temporarily.

Last night (Nov 12th, 2013) I met my landlord in the driveway. I was in a rush and had to speed along the conversation, my phone was due for pick up and I had less then an hour to grab it. He was very cordial, however he mentioned an issue with one of the repairs I requested.

The heat in my room had not been working. He asked Irving to come in and check the heat. Turns out there is nothing wrong with the heat… There is a second thermostat in the house, it’s located at the end of the hallway just above my head on the wall. I’m 5’10”. So not obvious. My roommates also were not aware that there is a second thermostat. The heat was not turned on. As a result, via my landlords broken reasoning he suggested that I am to be held responsible for the fee Irving is charging him to visit the house. My reasoning says otherwise. But he is going to try and have Irving waive the fee in good faith, he does a lot of business with them I guess. I am just waiting to see how this rolls, but I must say… This proverbial hammer is getting heavy, I don’t know how much longer I can hold it up before it needs to fall 😉


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