experimenting with textiles @ The Spot

wpid-IMG_20131114_180859.jpg wpid-IMG_20131114_180818.jpg


I produced these a while ago, I can’t remember how long now. They were produced at The Spot. I’ve been experimenting with abstract art forms lately and different mediums. The large piece on the top left is painted with acrylics and the application of the medium is completely facilitated by fabric. No brushes were used in the production of this painting. 

The smaller piece on the top right is composed mostly of fabric. The base is canvas, there is a layer of mesh fabric and paint for contrast in the middle. And at the top layer it is fabrics I’ve tailored into various shapes including more paint. The entire painting is sealed with glue I painted on last. 

Both paintings you will notice include circles as their main feature. This is on purpose. Both of the pieces are made of 90% recycled materials. They have made a near perfect circle from once useful materials, to meaningless trash and back again to meaningful works of art. They are eco-friendly you could say 🙂



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