I play World of Warcraft (aka; WoW)

I play WoW Awen lvl 42_111413

In my spare time I read, write, create art and I game. I am a WoW head 😛

Meet Ãwen lol. One of now two characters I play regularly. Ãwen is a Tank, lvl 42 as of Nov 14th @ 11:22 Pm. This character will be going lvl cap. Presently I have another lvl capped character, a Healer. Her name is Glamor and we are on the US server; Eredar. !Don’t come here if you are new! 😐 The population is low and the prices are high. I got friends here though and I am too cheap to pay for a realm transfer 🙂

It’s late for me, so I’m not going to get into a lot of detail. But I would like to, in the future… Blog about my adventures, my learning experiences and interactions with other players. I am new to the responsibilities of being a “Tank” and I think a little reflecting can help to improve my gameplay and progression. I may try my hand at a little video editing and/or streaming.

If your also a WoW head… Say Hi! 🙂


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