Tuesday night @ The Spot


Ok, so it may not look like there is much change here from the original photos I posted last week. But trust me, there is about another two of labour poured into this print block. I went over it again, gouged out the valleys a little more and contoured the edges. Unfortunately I did damage a little of the fine detail in the process but I was able to salvage the errors. I think it’s gonna turn out fine.

I have a feeling I maybe need to carve in some surface detail on the body of the piece ie; scales so that when I print the parts that overlap each other there is some sort of defining pattern. Something that makes it clear the body and tail are not just one big blop of ink. It is something that will take a lot of care and attention. And it will be a learning experience. It could either make or break the outcome lol. Oh well, nothing ventured. Nothing gained.

On a side note, the music group was amazing tonight. One of our participants wrote a song and we had an amazing guest musician. Goes by the name of Chak. To listen, check out; https://myspace.com/chakrojo/music/songs Enjoy!

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