Wednesday night @ Connections

wpid-IMG_20131120_191705.jpg wpid-IMG_20131120_191505.jpg

Wednesday night @ Connections was interesting. And I like interesting… Johanna (an art coordinator/volunteer) brought in a bag of very loved stuffed animals. You can see above I’ve provided a side by side example of the life image and my pencil sketch. I really enjoyed this exercise, it was a break from the norm of what I had my head buried in that morning. The volunteers offered a very interesting critique; It looks like a gang/mafia scene, all huddled around the trash can or table/gathering point. There is the doped out space cadet in the back, pusher on the side (the dog) and enforcer (the bunny, who yes does look very angry lol. His name is likely “Slim”) Then in the middle to tie it all together, the Godfather. Head honcho… I laughed. I always find the interpretation of art entertaining.

I’ve been reading a book; Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

A very interesting book, some very deep reading about how we perceive. How our perception is linked to each hemisphere of the brain. It teaches that anyone can learn to draw and in a very realism sorta style. I’ve completed three practices so far and I am gonna post here. There is one exercise that really struck me as interesting. It asks that I pen down my signature and then ask people what my signature says about me. I’ll be posting in a few moments. I wonder if anyone will participate 😛


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