let’s get hired

My job hunt may be coming to a close (not that I was hunting super hard) … Connections has been giving me a gentle nudge. A gentle nudge a guy like me needs to move onto the next stage of my recovery. I mean when you think about it. I attend Connections from about 10 Am to 4:30 Pm pretty much every day. I may have better attendance than some of the employees lol (don’t let that one get out *jokes) Then on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I extend my day till 8 Pm participating in Connections art initiatives either in house or @ The Spot. The short of it is, I am out of the house participating in something 35 Hrs a week plus. I should be able to manage a job, I hope 😐

Heather approached me with a prospect of working in one of the hospitals Gift Shops. It felt like a done deal until funding issues cropped up. Due to my having been on EI in the last 3 Yrs, I need to go through a different funding source and it requires I work a min of 21 Hrs a week. Not sure the gift shop can come up with that.

I had a short chat with Gail, an employment developer @ Connections upon Heather’s recommendation and she filled me in on a few details and some possible leads. A call has been placed to the gift shop and it looks like maybe they can squeeze out the hours. And if not, Gail has a contact in the fitness industry that may be able to spread the love around on my resume. Soo for now things are looking good 🙂 I’ve been told nothing will happen till the new year but I’m ok with that. I’ll think of it as a way to usher in the New Year. New employment and a new step towards recovery.

I got two sit downs this week with the employment team. I’m a little excited 🙂

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