me and my peeps

WoWScrnShot_121813_224708 WoWScrnShot_121813_190141

I am a Pandaren Loremaster. In all my explorations and conquests there was barely a glimmer of my own race to be seen really. But then just @ the end of it all. A small camp, with one of my own. And now I’m hip deep in the Thunder King quest line and my peeps are all over it! In some of the best quest line experience I’ve seen in my treks across this new land. I guess needless to say I am no longer the lvl 40 some’n I was when the 1st “I play WoW” post hit my blog. I am lvl cap now (90), have been for a little while. I’m still questing the new content, upgrading where I can. Balancing my stats, following the noxxic prot guide. Considering move’n on from my present guild. I’m not a guild master. There is barely anyone on in our ranks. I’ll quest out this story, get my stats balanced then start tanking heroics. I gotta clean up my UI. But I am pretty satisfied soo far. I think tanking is going to be fun. Can’t wait for the raid experience. Hope I can find an active guild.

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