pimp my ride; Arcane styles


Beautiful holiday weekend, home alone. It’s quiet and I got my cup of mint tea. Decided to sit down and review my spec, prep for dungeons. In the beginning I just haphazardly place buttons onto my bars for the sole purpose of use’n em and being able to see them. Make quick references ect. But that’s all fine and dandy when your just out questing about on your own. When your staring down your sword at a complicated dungeon or raid encounter it’s good to know every tool in your toolbox. So I took the time to organize my moves, prioritize. Then well my gear really is sub par for what I want to do. This means I need to get out there and smash some boss face and get some better gear. I did however visit the “Arcane Reforge” There are minimum statistics that need to be limit capped to ensure highest lvl of success when smashing face. One of them happens to be “Hit Chance” and it just soo happens with full reforge (the act of substituting a portion of one stat for another on any given piece of gear) I can reach my hit cap. This means the face smashee has little to no chance to dodge, block or parry my attack. Very WoW 101 but ya know, I’ve always wanted to raid and really grasp the concept of this game along with its epic huge story line. I’ve been playing for a long time and I’m active enough in life right now I feel it’s ok for me to spend a little time crunching the numbers of face smashing and raid boss pwnage lol. I’m a geek. It’s confirmed.


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