the tides of change

WoWScrnShot_new rideWoWScrnShot_122313_024608

The time has come. I wanna see some new content and doing it in a guild all alone isn’t gonna cut it. So I’m sporting new stripes now. I am a member of <Demons Legion> haha. Met one of their players on the Timeless Isle. We took down some big baddies together. I’ve been guild hunting for a while now. There were a few big ones on my server to consider, <Destinatus> and <Months Behind> were two of the front runners for me. But I’m what ya call “casual” and <Demons Legion> didn’t refer me to a website to apply or ask for min ilvl. They didn’t run down my achievements. They took me in, cause I wanted to play with active people. They gave me 1K gold no questions asked. Offered to teach me how to tank, that’s what I made this toon for. See some content and play a role. When I’m out grinding the Isle I got peeps out there. Back me up when I get heat from the local Ally population. They got Vent, some comrades to chill with and shoot the shit. I’m new for now but I hope to get ta know some of these peeps. Already met some maritimers. Haha straight up from PEI. I’m roll’n my gear, topping up my stats and hopefully soon I’ll have some heads to hang on my proverbial monster slaying walls of fame.


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