Deal me! & Happy Holidays to all :)

wpid-IMG_20131229_210718.jpgwinter ross

I don’t celebrate Christmas. Born and raised in a religion that celebrates only the Memorial of Christ, 20 odd years kinda rolls into a habit. A, habit plus @ the moment I consider myself to have no religious affiliation. I don’t celebrate any variation of Christmas. I do however recognize that it is a Holiday. Family and Friends all have time off, the prices are right and the eating is good. Why not take advantage of it. Not like it happens every month.

I spent the Holidays with my Mom and my Dad. Christmas day, I spent with Mom. We had turkey dinner, some great conversation and we exchanged gifts. I’ve had gifts sitting in my closet for like a year for Mom. And she had gifts my Sister sent from Alberta for also a year. My Sis knitted me a new hat and I LOVE IT! (Seen in above pic on the right). She went all arts and crafts, made me a necklace too 🙂 And they rolled me a watch, very nice. Some’n I probably wouldn’t wear all the time. I’ll wear it on special occasions. To top it all off my Mom got me new towels and facecloths. This may not seem that hardcore, but… I am a bachelor, fresh back to the city. This IS HARDCORE COMFORT! They are super soft, they match, and there is a full set. No joke, first thing I did when I got home… Shower. And sat in the comfort of a fresh, clean, new towel. Thanks Mom 🙂

I also needed one more thing this year, and that is boots. Last two years I’ve been rolling around in the middle of winter with runners lol. Not cause I couldn’t afford boots. But cause I couldn’t find anything I liked for a sensible price. My Dad came down and we went on the hunt. I tried every store I could think of. Either nothing in my size or nothing I wanna drop the dime for. I’m not a dressy fru fru sorta cat. I am looking for functional, performance at a reasonable price. Last resort on the way home, Mark’s Work Warehouse. We were gonna write it off cause all the boots in there are workplace quality. Not a lot of casual stuff. But here I found what I was looking for and at a wicked price. More than 50% off. I took the last pair. What are the chances, closing time and there are one pair of boots left in my size. It was the display set but whatever, they are in brand new shape. The above left pic, my tag. I struck gold this year.


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