It’s 2014!

Well a new year is upon us. And I’ve got some new years resolutions to roll.

I have a long list of things that I want to accomplish, starting with being more productive at my art and ending with a silly commitment to be more goal oriented with my gaming. I find myself never really starting a new piece of art, typically cause I am aimlessly wandering about in a digital wonderland just waisting time.

I’m off to a good start I think. I’ve got a bit of a financial conundrum that I think will soon sort itself out. My art, I’ve taken photo’s and yesterday met with a friend and the manager of “Bus Stop Theater” I will be submitting some art to a show to run Jan. 18th, I’ll post more details to my Calender. Looks like a good venue too, she takes no commission and my art is free to hang till the next show rolls through. This is a great opportunity to get some exposure and branch out beyond The Spot.

I’m gonna be 30 in a little less than four Months and I’ll no longer be able to attend The Spot as a participant. For now though, the month is looking promising. Show @ Bus Stop Theater and then another show @ The Spot. Now all I need to do is live up to my resolution to be more productive lol.

Oh and I wanna get out more, see more people. I’ve been working on this one for a while and I’m getting better @ it. We’ll see where it takes me in 2014.


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