get reduced!

Alright. Woke up this morning and I was all in one piece. The morning after sausage scare has passed I think. I mean there is a chance it could still make me sick but I’m pretty confident it’s not gonna happen.

Today has been pretty awesome. Rolled flyers for the Mindful Mango this morning. And this is a job I will be doing for the remainder of the week. Possibly into next week. So that equals cash flow. GST and poverty reduction payments came in, also equals cash flow. Right when things were looking tight. This will allow me to actually focus on production for the remainder of the month. Got two shows. I wanna finish my cityscape’s series. That’s four or five paintings. And then I wanna start a more wonderland type series. Still landscapes but how I see them in my mind after I sit and analyse them. Incorporate my thoughts and feelings about the scape in my own way visually. Often my paintings are based in photo realism. Not creative sub structures and imaginary architectural concepts. I tend not to populate any of my paintings with people. Something I also would like to focus a little more on. Cities have people.

Got the ok to reduce my meds today! I’m not 100% sure how I feel about this. I think I’m ready but in some ways I rely on them now. It’s such an integral part of my routine. I’m not scared of what will happen to me when I reduce. I am scared about what will happen to my schedule. The structure of routine I’ve built. I like routine. In a way I guess I sorta thrive on it. When I fall out, it fucks with me more than when I miss my pills. Only one way to find out 🙂 In the name of progress!wpid-IMG_20140108_215457.jpg



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